Monster kitchen and bar

Canberra, Australia (2013 - 2018)

Ross Honeysett_ken_wMonster kitchen and bar1Monster kitchen and bar is the physical and metaphorical seed of Hotel Hotel. It’s the public life of the building and the living room of the hotel’s guests. was the physical and metaphorical seed of Hotel Hotel located in the Nishi2‘Nishi’ means ‘west’ in Japanese.It also relates to the last of three buildings built at the NewActon precinct: Nishi CommercialNishi Residential and Nishi Hotel Cinema Retail. Hotel Cinema Retail building of the NewActon3NewActon is a precinct on the edge of Canberra’s city centre that Molonglo Group is progressively restoring. It is built on the heritage grounds of Acton House, a late 1920s temporary housing facility for newly arrived employees of the capital. NewActon does at a precinct scale what the Burley Griffins attempted to achieve for the city: vegetable gardens deliver produce to the precinct restaurants; nature and architecture collide; and the architectural envelope folds into flora and art. The high-rise apartments (high but not too high) also feed into this ground level generously. precinct. It was designed as the public life of the hotel and the living room of its guests and visitors. Monster kitchen and bar has earned the support of our peers. Like any four-headed monster she has multiple Lee Grant_Moonlight Flat Oysters_MKB-Spring-Menu-09_wpersonalities, shifting from lucidity to debauchery Ross-Honeysett_141016_MKB_72R5542_wRoss-Honeysett_141016_MKB_72R5459_wbetween 6.30AM and 1AM every day all the while serving local and seasonal produceLee Grant_ MKB-Tray-of-Herbs_w prepared for sharing. Ross_Honeysett_15-03-14_MonsterSalon&DiningRooms_72R4336E_wMonster’s beauty and strength arrest four separate spaces on the ground floor of the hotel: Ross_Honeysett_15-03-14_MonsterSalon&DiningRooms_72R4202B_w the public lounge,Ross_Honeysett_15-03-14_MosaicRoom_72R5068-(1)_w Mosaic room, SalonRoss_Honeysett_15-03-14_MonsterSalon&DiningRooms_72R3474C and Ross_Honeysett_15-03-14_MosaicRoom_72R4801_w Dining rooms. The Monster hosts shared meals, music, poetry, dance and performance.
Project Name Monster kitchen and bar
Project Type Hospitality business
Design Team Molonglo Group, Oculus Landscape Architects, Fender Katsalidis Architects, March Studios, Don Cameron, Ken Neale, UP, Broached Commissions, Craig Tan Architects, Suppose Design Office
Size 250 seats
Status Completed 2014