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zografiki 1977-2007 / ζωγραφική 1977-2007

zografiki 1977-2007 / ζωγραφική 1977-2007

Giannis Adamakos

[…] O Adamakos, thirty years of uninterrupted artistic adventure, you have the feeling that approximates the true essence as to seek a salutary message into the collective experience. And while it makes you believe that melancholy touches most projects, beyond nostalgia, basically faced with the sanctity of individual memory, to the measure of his personal pursuits. Thus, in the sudden pictorial world of images of lurking doubt on the true fullness, to the extent that you feel the vastness of nature coincides with the infinity of individual consciousness. The painting of human geography as a vast map of the world, without referring to specific places or times, reveals a deeper agony to touch the eternal meaning of existence. […]

O Adamakos with rigor and consistency, carves its own path, reaching the maximum expressive precision of his vision. Hunt, with all its forces, to conquer its own light, reaching sometimes in the dark, to feel that the mundane becomes unearthly light, realising that the end can not get to the top.




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