Working Lives – Volume One 1905-45

Working Lives – Volume One 1905-45

Hackney WEA with Centerprise Publishing Project

“Working Lives: Volume 1′ provides twelve accounts of work in Hackney up until The Second World War. These accounts were either tape-recorded or written for ‘A Peoples’ Autobiography of Hackney’, a continuing local history project based on a W.E.A. evening class. Twelve further accounts based on working experiences since the last war will complete the project.

Whilst the media continue to glamourise and exalt the working-worlds of the multi-national business executives, the politicians, the civil servants, the show business personalities and other ‘top people’ the ‘Working Lives’ project emphasises the less publicised but very important contributions to society’s well being made by ‘ordinary’ working class people.
What comes across very clearly in these accounts is how much skill is involved in all work, and also how much danger to health and life is involved in many occupations ironically described as ‘unskilled’ and amongst the least well paid.




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