Website Graphics Now

Website Graphics Now

Geert-Jan Strengholt

From educational sites to corporate communications, social services to electronic publishing, this is an inside look at the present and future of digital communication. A sequel to “Website Graphics”, it complements the latter by providing more in-depth information on the creation of websites. Thirty of today’s most successful and innovative sites are showcased, accompanied by articles on the future of Web design. The chosen sites include examples of “older” techniques as well as “state of the art” experiments. The principle of “Viewsource”, the ability to look at the programming of a website to see how it has been put together, and one of the main learning tools of the Web designer, is explored in both textual and visual form. Technical attention focuses on interaction and navigation, WWW layout tables, frames, stylesheets, typography, imagery and animations, shockwave and flash, dynamic HTML and cascading stylesheets.

Three introductory articles discuss topics such as the future of Web design programmes and techniques used in visualizing the process of site design and development, the time-based dimension of multi-media Web design and the demise of the Viewsource principle.





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