Umbra Hominis

Umbra Hominis

Peo Olsson and Samuel Nyholm

Framework: An archive holds an inherent duality. It organizes and categorizes to immortalize, at the same time as it internalizes and hides. A museum is dismantled and finds its terminal storage. A view of the world and its conventional figure is dissolved. The power over our history, and hence our future, lies in how we handle and make use of communal archive systems. An explosive force, created by rearrangements of these archive materials, can displace courses of events, unobtrusive as well as decisive. Consequently, certain collations are altering our collective memories and affecting the writing of history as well as power relations.

Arno Böhler works at the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria.
Mattias Winslow is a librarian at the Nynäshamn Municipal Library, Sweden.




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