The Plant- Issue 10

The Plant- Issue 10

The tenth issue of The Plant magazine includes an interview with artistic duo Cooking Sections and their recipes for the Climavore Dinner shot by Matthieu Lavanchy; A visit to Dan Pearson’s home in Somerset; Juergen Teller documents Dan’s work and his garden at Latimore Road; A journey to Tibet with Linday Sekulowicz who guides us to collect Yartsa Gunbu; and to Argentina where Annick Weber visits James Turrell’s magic scene in Colomé; while Jonas Marguet shows the beauty of the Alp’s glaciars.

There are also roses by Nick Knight, an essay on flowers in Fassbinder’s films and tree barks by Shota Nakamura. Coke Bartrina shows how to build your own solar food dryer and Matthew Wright brings his botanical wisdom to teach us about the humble coconut and the gift of bulbs. This issue’s Botanical monograph is dedicated to the Colocasia, better known Elephant Ear plant, featuring photoessays, illustrations and writings.

Double cover story shot by Adrian Samson and stylist Lyson Marchessault, with flowers by Simone Gooch. Includes a print by Viviane Sassen.





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