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The Greek Folk Costume

The Greek Folk Costume

Angeliki Hatzimichali

The masterpieces of folk handicrafts, which through the aspiration of the simple artisan reach the heights of true artistic creation, are presented in this publication. The diversity of costumes from the various areas of Greece, the impressive decoration, the detailed embroidery and the dazzling colours represent the wealth of Greek tradition. This is an exhaustive, authoritative and comprehensive publication, lavishly illustrated with material from the unique collections of the Benaki Museum in Athens.

The book also shows how costume covers the specific demands which are created by geographical position and local climatological conditions. These dictate the production and processing of material as well as the commercial relations of each community. Therefore, the costume of each locality expresses the aesthetic perceptions of each community and reflects its special characteristics of its way of life. Old Athens, Megara, Almyros, Karagounian, Yannina, Veroia, Episkopi, Vergina, Rumlouki, Kapoutzida, Baltza, Drymos, Asvestochori, Chalkidiki, Soufli, Kalymnos, Kastellorizo, Cyprus.



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