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The Constructed Floor

The Constructed Floor

Edited by Andrew Clancy & Colm Moore

“Every building must start with an excavation of ground. We begin by cultivating a terrain, negotiating geology, typology, making a platform, defining a territory – a raft, a footing, a plinth, a floor. The enabling works. Fundamentally the floor is infrastructural, a foundation and surface to support the building and its life. And more, the floors delimits a territory, an interior prospect, for the eye and the body to explore. Its horizontal surface is gravitational and fluid providing resistance to the controlled falling of vaulting limbs. The floor traces the inevitable wear of the feet that strike it, bearing testament to occupation by mapping habit. It tempers both our environment and manner. Yet given its primary founding status as the point where the building becomes the ground the floor is overlooked, physically and literally. Before shelter, before enclosure, there is only ground. This semester our masters studio is firmly rooted to it.” – Colm Moore, Andrew Clancy 2014





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