The Book of Cities

The Book of Cities

Philip Dodd

The Book of Cities is an inspiring gazetteer of the world’s cities—a celebration of their diversity, energy, and culture. We set off from the Greenwich meridian in London and head west, visiting the Americas and beyond. We explore all the classic metropolitan destinations—New York, Paris, Rio, Rome, Tokyo—and also take in those that are lesser known. Each of the 250 cities is portrayed in evocative photos and lively commentary that capture the character of the place—the particular blend of history, topography, climate, customs, and cuisine that make it distinctive. Insights are also offered in nuggets of information on the topography and residents as well as quotes from the famously well-traveled. The Book of Cities is the perfect companion to inspire a first visit, to refresh memories of journeys past, or to fire up the imagination of anyone with wanderlust.



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