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Star Landscape Architecture: The Stars of Landscape and Art

Star Landscape Architecture: The Stars of Landscape and Art

Francesc Zamora Mola

This book explores installations that are notable for their creative and sensitive design, planning, or management of the landscape. The small- to medium-scale featured projects aim to promote interaction between people and the environment by responding to a broad range of human habitats and natural ecosystems in diverse social, cultural and ecological contexts. In their response to their context these projects evolve into Land Art, which can be understood as a fusion between sculpture, architecture, and landscape architecture. The goal is to draw out the emotions of the observer who is confronted by these environments. The structure of this book is inspired by the poet’s journey in Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”, from which we borrow the narrative structure and symbolic landscape imagery: the circles of Hell, the terraces of Mount Purgatory and the celestial spheres of Heaven.


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