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Collaborator: Michele De Lucchi

Fulvio Brembilla was responsible for the birth, existence & future of ‘Solid’. At the end of 1985 he revealed his intention to promote something culturally new, interesting & provocative to Michele De Lucchi. Fulvio Brembilla was a curious & successful entrepreneur involved in many different activities, including experiments in commercial industry and culture. The first meeting of ‘Solid’ took place in December 1985 and the first products selected at a presentation in Bregano in January 29 1986, from which date ‘Solid’ became official, producing small but essential objects for the home. RB Rossana the notable Italian kitchen manufacturer , had brought together and sponsered ‘Solids’ eight designers ( Ferruccio Laviani – Mathilde Bretillot – Angelo Micheli – James Irvine – Simon Morgan – Geert Koster – Nicholas Bewick – Christian Hartman ) . RB had been responsible for the development of prototypes, enclosed in the book are those designs that challenged the norm & traditional use & form. Their philosophy was to design beautiful things, but to also concentrate on practicality & usefulness… This is a book of those designs & acheivements….





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