Several Clouds Colliding (Co-Series)

Several Clouds Colliding (Co-Series)

Brian Catling

In a series of commentaries, short essays, documentary material and images drawn from the Swedenborg Society Archive, Iain Sinclair and Brian Catling reconstruct and reflect on the extraordinary events surrounding an exhibition and performance at Swedenborg House on 17 February 2010. Several Clouds Colliding will be launched at Swedenborg House on 19 July 2012, accompanied by a new performance by Iain Sinclair and Brian Catling. Several Clouds Colliding is co-published by the Swedenborg Archive and Book Works as part of Co-series No.2. It is edited by Stephen McNeilly and printed in an edition of 1600, in hardcover, with blind blocking on front cover, and numerous b/w and colour images throughout. The artwork and design are by Stephen McNeilly and James Brook, with additional photographs by Anonymous Bosch.

Moving between visions and taverns, voyages and wickerbaskets, the annotations of Coleridge and a group photo of Society members dated 1910, the author-performers reveal a secret history of Swedenborg, of London and near forgotten ideas, through the Society’s library, archive and the dimming stillness of its vast collection of glass lantern slides.





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