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Rough Ride Down South

Rough Ride Down South

Paolo Zerbini

‘Rough Ride Down South’ is Paolo Zerbini’s first photo-book.
Shot in the deep south of Louisiana, USA, the photo-book presents an introspection of Paolo’s unrest as an adolescent by capturing those emotions in another location, on different faces. His photographs focus on the fact that all human beings, wherever they may be, are brought together by the communality of feelings they perceive in the perks of everyday life. Angst, melancholy, recklessness, solitude, excitement: these are the key-words of Paolo’s delicate yet bold work. After years spent distancing himself from those situations, he throws his soul back in that very same game. He observes his surroundings quietly and deeply, portrays them in their raw essence and leaves us – his spectators – enough room to interpret his pictures just as we feel them. Under the sticky heath of Louisiana suburbs and bayous, schoolboys and schoolgirls of any social background reveal their punk attitude towards life. The smokey street-life of afternoons spent chatting away while listening to hip-hop music, drinking Coke and skate-boarding catches the juice of existence at its best – a sequence of reflections through the bright and dark side of normality.” (





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