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“Readings of Greek Post-war Architecture

“Readings of Greek Post-war Architecture

Panagiotis Tsakopoulos

Panagiotis Tsakopoulos’s book “Readings of Greek Post-war Architecture” is an extensive, coherent, comprehensive, dense writing and illustration, demanding reading, which critically approaches the architecture of the last period in Greece.

The greatness of the study, the density of the text, the richness and the depth of content that emerges through the reflections recorded in the book will only allow me to touch freely and in part only some basic and overall characteristics of my work, such as The research method, ie the way, or the particular look of Panagiotis Tsakopoulos, and its structure.

The study focuses on the presentation of the work and directions of 18 architectural offices and architects. It is based initially on the author’s personal contact with the architects, which began on the occasion of the publication of a series of monographs in the magazine “Greek Constructions”, which are also the raw material of the book.

Moreover, it is based on rich and extensive bibliographic documentation, as well as on primary archival research, both in the archives of the architectural offices that are presented, as well as in the Archives of Neohellenic Architecture of the Benaki Museum and the Historical Archive of the National Bank. Indeed, the study owes to this archaeological research a part of its originality, as apart from the typical case of the absent work of Despotopoulos – the centerpiece of the book – several other projects are coming to light for the first time or identified.




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