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Nevermind Your P’s and Q’s

Nevermind Your P’s and Q’s

Barry Divola

M is for mohawk, a silly hairdo / It has lots of points, but it has no point, too. Imagine for a moment that the lead singer of the Sex Pistols was Dr. Seuss! You’ve just entered the world of Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Here’s the Punk Alphabet, the much anticipated follow-up to the wildly popular alphabet book M Is for Metal. Appealing to children’s sense of the absurd, while tickling the funny bones of adults with in-jokes about punk rock’s stars, fashion and foibles, this is one of those books where parents and kids can look at the same page together and both laugh, but not necessarily at the same thing. From Blondie and The Ramones to anarchy and pogoing, via Johnny’s rotten teeth, Iggy’s boredom and Sid’s silliness, Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Here’s the Punk Alphabet is the funniest, silliest, punkiest and definitely the most anti-social A-Z you’ll read this year. In the nicest possible way, of course. Warning: This (amazing) children’s book is NOT for everyone. It contains heavy metal references and words that some might find inappropriate. The book also contains cartoon images of people kissing, little children in the nude, and pets doing their business. While we think this book is probably one of the best children’s books we have EVER seen, not all parents will agree. If you are concerned about the above references, we’d suggest you find an alternate gift for your metalhead child or parents.



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