Munari. I libri

Munari. I libri

Georgio Maffei

A But what do you use a book for?
B To learn about things or to amuse oneself, in any case to add to one’s knowledge of the world.
A Oh, I see, it helps to make life more fun.
B Yes, very often.
Bruno Munari, Comment to the Prelibri

Bruno Munari has always considered books as the preferential means to communicate thoughts, a sort of work of art in itself that could show ideas and convey creativity. A book that deals with Munari’s books, this volume aims to put in chronological order his contributions and relationships with the publishing industry, from the very first experiences as a graphic designer to the cooperation with the big national publishing firms, going through his extraordinary innovative projects and his illegible books.
Much more than a mere catalogue or bibliography, this book includes a rich introduction dedicated to the different possible courses in Munari’s multi-faceted production, that helps to consider it side by side with his contemporary works in the fields of painting, sculpture, design, photography and didactics, crossing their different poetics. Also, a bibliographical index of critical essays about Munari is a useful instrument to analyze in depth Munari’s works.





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