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Lobby, No.3 The Bartlett School of Architecture

Lobby, No.3 The Bartlett School of Architecture

LOBBY No. 3 intends to highlight the collapse of normative ideals, discourses, frameworks and aesthetics, by exploring ‘Defiance’ through the eyes of those who sit on either side of the norm’s boundaries, as well as those who walk in-between them. What is the place of the architect, the designer, the historian and the critic in the current status quo? Are we indeed ready to transgress our prevalent taboos, or are we simply powerless against them, unable even to think and acknowledge the blind spots of our practices? But perhaps the biggest question remains: is defiance an adolescent rejection of imposed order—an ephemeral expression of chaos—or is it a dismantling of restrictive structures, the crumbling walls of the old establishment?

Exclusive features in the issue include Mario Botta, Carme Pinós, David Adjaye and Jane Rendell. From the mythical battle of David with Goliath to Pink Floyd’s infamous concert in Venice, LOBBY No. 3 sets out to explore the constantly shifting waters of defiance.



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