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In Present Tense – Young Greek Artists

In Present Tense – Young Greek Artists

The conception and organization of the exhibition “At present time: New Greek artists” is part of an exhibition policy of research and criticism that has been designed and applied by the National Museum of Contemporary Art as a top priority since its inception. One of the central objectives of this policy is to bring forth, in the spirit of artistic pluralism and without prejudice to species and means of expression, the liveliest and advanced artistic forces and quests of the place, but also to encourage the critical convergence of the local the world, promoting equal partnerships, interconnections and intercultural dialogue of works and artists, coming equally from metropolitan centers and regions. In such a context, where the expression of the diversity of artistic minorities crosses the redefinition of the concepts of identity and otherness (“we” and “others”) out of entrances and closed national shapes, this report explores our own presence on the horizon of an international artistic environment and a nomadic mobility that characterizes the young Greek artists and their work.



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