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Luigi Veronesi

Just like “Colors”, “Numbers” was originally published in 1945 too. Once again, its graphic refinement makes this book an art project in itself, much more than a mere children’s book. I count from zero to ten with the fingers and with abstract compositions made of coloured shapes scattered on a black background and black & white squares tidily ranged on a white background.

A journey from abstract to concrete that gradually reveals through the pages. Lastly, two pages of “abstract additions”: number 10 is obtained with every possible combination of numbers by the use of colours. Luigi Veronesi (Milan, 1908-1998) always thought art as an instrument that involves all the aspects of the aesthetic experience, and investigated its relationship with the age of mechanization. Famous for his colour transpositions of music scores, he was a member of the MAC (Movement for Concrete Art) and one of the most “european” among Italian abstract painters. He also was one of the first authors to use photography in childrens’ books.




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