Eva Ek-Schaeffer

This fine exhibition catalog was developed in conjunction with Eva Ek-Schaeffer show in Santiago, Chile.
The lyrics are in English and Spanish.
The book is a richly illustrated, featuring Eva Ek Schaeffer tapestries.
The book is beautifully designed by the Soil Oak.

The artist Eva Ek Schaeffer exhibits her textile work with twelve gobelins inspired by the Saami ancestral culture, a culture that for thousands of years populated the far north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, also addresses personal histories and local contingency.
The selection of loom jobs was carried out from 1974 to 2010, in an old mill converted into a textile workshop located on the island of Fårö in Gotland, Sweden.

Eva feels that her colorful textiles are linked to music, being able to relate them to the tradition of jojk singing , closely linked to Saami mythology and expressing the union between the individual and nature. In this way, air, water, fire and earth take on the role of living souls in their imaginary.
The fiber of the tissues metaphorically have a premonitory role and relate the real world to the divine, so the act of creation, according to the artist is related to the idea of ​​fertilization as opposed to that of death, as seen in The textile The tape weaver , where the thread represents the destiny of the people, announcing their birth and death, according to the color and length used.




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