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& Fork


’& Fork’ seeks to represent the best in international product design from around the world. In order to make the most comprehensive selection of 100 important young product designers working today, 10 key figures from the design world were enlisted to curate the project. These 10 writers, curators and designers have combined their extensive knowledge to ensure that ’& Fork’ truly represents this exciting field and its most innovative developments since its highly successful predecessor, Spoon, in 2002. Australia, the UK, South America, the Far East, USA and Europe are all represented and give the book a truly global perspective. With a short written piece provided by the curators for each designer we are given insight into why the designer’s work has been chosen, and their background and future design plans. Each curator has also chosen one piece of design for the ‘Good Design’ chapter of the book. Here they have a chance to discuss one object by one designer that they believe has made a significant impact on the design world, and that young designers of today are still influenced by and can learn from.



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