Flowers and Mushrooms

Flowers and Mushrooms

David Fischli & Peter Weiss

This volume is a reprint of the magnificent and rare artist’s book by the Swiss duo Peter Fischli (born 1952) and David Weiss (1946-2012). Bursting with luscious color and consisting of multiple superimposed images, these photographs by Fischli/Weiss (dubbed “the Nichols and May of contemporary art” by The New York Times for their critically admired brand of humor) navigate the fine line between beauty and kitsch. For this series, made between 1997 and 1998, the artists spent countless hours documenting gardens and mushroom patches, thoughtfully crafting intoxicating compositions which took on an element of chance when layered in photographic double exposures. The result is a hallucinogenic portrait of berries, grasses, flowers, weeds and mushrooms in vivid, saturated color, dissolving in and out of focus, beautifully printed on folded, unbound sheets.





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