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Exploding Galaxies: Art of David Medalla

Exploding Galaxies: Art of David Medalla

Guy Brett

This monograph brings together the work of artist David Medalla. Born in Manila, in the Philippines in 1942, and based since 1960 mainly in London, Medalla has distinguished himself internationally as an innovator of the avant-garde. His work has embraced a multitude of enquiries and enthusiasms, forms and formats, to express a singular yet deeply coherent vision of the world.

Exploding Galaxies: The Art of David Medalla, a new book by British art critic Guy Brett, analyzes the work and incredible adventures of the Philippine-born artist who lives and works in London and the world. Known for his monumental bubble- machine kinetic art as well as his extensive performances, lectures, participation art works, paintings and political activities, Medalla is currently exhibiting work in l’Informe at Centre Pompidou; a solo is scheduled for this fall at the Musee de la Ville de Paris. Brett’s book comprehensively discusses Medalla’s work, integrating social insight with art historical analysis while also outlining the glories and hazards of the new global integration, particularly that between Europe and Asia. Born in 1942, Medalla was a child prodigy who lectured at the University of the Philippines at the age of 12, studied philosophy and Greek drama at Columbia University in New York at 14 and founded the Poetry Club of Manila at 15. Eventually Medalla went to Europe, retracing the footsteps of Rimbaud and coming into contact with many artists and writers, from Man Ray to Ad Reinhardt.





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