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Dog Food & Oysters

Dog Food & Oysters

Sean Davey

Photographs in this series were made in the USA in 2004/05.

There are undeniable signs that suggest conflict, but that certainly was not my intention in making the photographs. I was more interested in photographing for myself, to learn how to see things that did not require a written or verbal explanation. This is the main reason why text in the book is limited to a single quote (by photographer Antoine D’Agata).

I have revisited this work often, editing and changing the sequence over the years, always coming back to it and slightly changing the sequence of pictures.

The design of the book is intended to replicate that of a paperback novel, one that doesn’t have to be read at a table, but rather can be stuffed in to a bag or even a coat pocket and taken with you on your own travels to be read and re-read again.



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