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Dimitris Pikionis, Architect, 1887-1968 (8 volume bookset)

Dimitris Pikionis, Architect, 1887-1968 (8 volume bookset)

Collective Work, Editor Agni Pikionis

The work of Dimitris Pikionis was a major influence on the formulation of contemporary Greek architecture. From his pioneering modernist houses to his most outstanding achievement, the landscaping of the Acropolis site in the 1950s, he consistently strove for an original and relevant modern interpretation of the classical spirit and popular architecture of his country. This publication traces his significant contribution as an architect, artist and teacher through a wide range of essays and a visual presentation of his buildings and projects.
This rare publication is a set of 8 volumes :
Dimitris Pikionis, 1887-1968
Dimitris Pikionis, Architectural work 1912-1934
Dimitris Pikionis, Architectural work 1935-1955
Dimitris Pikionis, Architectural sketches 1940-1955
Dimitris Pikionis, The architectural work 1949-1964
Dimitris Pikionis, Aixoni 1951-1955
Dimitris Pikionis, The landscaping of the archaeological site around the Acropolis, 1954-1957
Dimitris Pikionis, The children’s play-garden, Filothei, 1961-1964

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