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Cream 3

Cream 3

Phaidon Press

The latest of the series of ‘biennales in a book’, CREAM 3 offers an authoritative view on the world of contemporary art for today and tomorrow. 10 international curators, renowned experts in contemporary art, have each chosen 10 artists who, they believe, best exemplify what is happening in the contemporary art world today and who they see as the rising stars of the future. The 100 artists in CREAM 3 have risen to an international platform since 1997 and – in the opinion of the curators who have selected them – are in the process of taking it over, at an explosive pace. The vast variety of ideas and forms in the global scene of contemporary art are presented in CREAM 3 through 400 pages, arranged A-Z, each artist’s work represented in two double-page spreads, accompanied by a short biography and bibliography and a text by the curator who selected them. This virtual exhibition of new art is preceded by a virtual conversation – an internet discussion amongst the 10 curators – each a noted name and involved in the staging of new developments in art. New to this edition of cream is each curator’s selection of a ‘Source’ artist who they consider to have influenced or created the context for the artistic new generation. The work of these 10 ‘Source’ artists provides a wider historical framework in which to view the new work. In its momentous entirety, CREAM 3 offers an up-to-the-minute and in-depth overview of new art in all media from painting and sculpture to installation, photography, performance, video and digital media.



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