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Candide No.6: Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Candide No.6: Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Edited by Andres Lepik, Susanne Schindler, Axel Sowa.

Published twice a year, Candide is dedicated to exploring the culture of knowledge specific to architecture. Like Voltaire’s fictional character Candide, who traveled the eighteenth-century world on an eager if often thwarted search for knowledge, the journal’s editors have embarked on a twenty-first-century quest for architectural knowledge. How is architectural knowledge generated, collected, presented and passed on? Which forms of architectural knowledge can be observed?

How can knowledge generated in reference to a specific task be applied to other contexts? Which techniques, tools, and methods are instrumental? To do justice to the many ways of approaching research, each edition of Candide is divided into five sections. “Analysis” investigates building types, looking for the knowledge invested in them; “Essay” offers space for a personal exploration of one of the grand themes of architecture; “Project” serves as a forum for practicing architects and their works; “Encounter” highlights famous or unjustly forgotten architects; and “Fiction” draws on architecture’s imaginative dimension, inviting more speculative writing.





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