Alexander van Slobbe: And… And… And…

Alexander van Slobbe: And… And… And…

Guus Beumer

The austere fashion and interdisciplinary designs of Alexander van Slobbe epitomize contemporary Dutch style. Drawn to modernist abstraction, simple, rudimentary structures, innovative materials and a variety of production styles (including traditional methods), Van Slobbe has said that he hopes to see “a more democratic relation with a public in which I as a designer no longer set the scene but offer conditions,” and a running theme throughout his career has been the positing of fashion as a platform for collaboration with architects, artists and writers. And… And… And is presented in an unusual book design by Mevis & Van Deursen, and provides a detailed context for van Slobbe’s work in new essays and images that offer an expansive assessment of the designer’s now widely influential practice.



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