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A Retrospective

A Retrospective

Chronis Botsoglou

Born in Thessaloniki in 1941, he was an Athens School of Fine Arts student (1960-1965) under the tutelage of Yannis Moralis. In 1970 he pursued his studies at the Parisian École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts on a two-year scholarship. In 1989 he became a full member of the Athens School of Fine Arts faculty as professor of painting. In addition to his painting work, he is also interested in sculpting and engraving. With more than thirty solo shows and over one hundred group exhibitions in the biggest Greek cities, he has moreover exhibited abroad (France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Spain and Israel). As of 1964 he has been associated with various political artist teams, such as ‘Art Group A’ (1960-1967), ‘the Figurative Arts Center’ (1974-1976), ‘Group for Communication and Education on the Arts’ (1976-1981). He was a founding member of the ‘New Greek Realists’ (1971-1973). In addition, he published the following books: Imerologia Taxidia (Diary Journeys, 1994), Pseudodokimia (Pseudoessays, 2000) and To chroma tis spoudis (The colour of study, 2005) including texts he wrote on the arts. In 1998 he published his poems in a collection titled Spoudi sto Mavro (Study on Black). He resides and works in Athens.



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