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The Architect Thucydides P .. Valentis

The Architect Thucydides P .. Valentis

Chrysa Sachana

Thucydides Valentis’ archive, part of this extended program, was granted by his family, the architect Maria Valenti and the musician Panagiotis Valentis, to the Department of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The archive, supplemented with other published and informative material as mentioned below, formed the basis for studying the work of our old professor, organizing an exhibition and publishing a catalog.

The systematic study of the work of Th. Valentinis aims to contribute to the interpretation of modern Greek architecture, to decipher the synthetic gestures characterizing the individual sections and the whole of his work, to compare and to relate his work with the architectural production of contemporary of the architects in the Greek and international spheres and to explore the acceptance of his work by architects and architects



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