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Lee Grant_MG_Art_41_wHotel Hotel has been built on participation. It has been made by many and is continuouslyAuthor_Unknown-www-whackacat-xgrN43F added to by all sorts. The humbly named Hotel Hotel blog tells these stories. The highly visual20160118 HH Blog Beebees Screenshot-5_w20160118 Oh looky loo - HH blog Screenshot-4_w digital project communicates the collaborations that we have made and continue to make at Hotel Hotel. It is a space where our love of people, curiosity of human behaviourunknown reddit dali_w, cultureAuthor_Unknown www frida-kahlo_w and ways of living are explored and shared.Perimeter books Close-Your-Eyes-580x425 Lee Grant_Luke+Roland_05_wLeeGrant_Oculus_Bob_Earl+Charlie_09_wWe also collect, collate and publish events happening in and around Canberra hereAuthor_Unknown-www socotra_yemen in the What’s On section. It helps Canberrans and visitors figure out what to do in their playtimeAuthor_Unknown www-Squiggle-Screenshot-2015-10-27-12.56.23_w… And dispels some of those rumours that Canberra is only a brown cardiganAuthor_Unknown www-old-mate-mark-chopper-read-482x298 wearer (we’ll have you know she wears velvet waistcoats, death metal t-shirts and the occasional sparkly jumpsuit).Lee-Grant-Maurice-Golotta+Elizabeth-Pertile_05_w Author_Unknown_web_vivian-stanshall Designed in collaboration with U-P1U-P is an ideas-led creative consultancy that emotionally connects brands and organisations to people. Positivity and experimentation are at the very core of U-P’s philosophy. Constraints are explored in optimistic and creative ways, resulting in work that is memorable and meaningful, and improves our way of life. U-P is led by Paul Marcus Fuog and Uriah Gray. the platform allows for in-depth thinking, stories, play, randomness, organisation and ideas in formation.  
Project Name Hotel Hotel blog
Project Type Digital publication
Project Team Hotel Hotel and U-P
Scope Continually growing. Includes a calendar of what’s on, stories, people profiles, Fix and Make content, Daily Rituals content, recipes, quotes, book reviews
Status Ongoing