Photographic studies

Canberra, Australia (2015 – Present)

It is nice to swap eyeballsAuthor_Unknown_tumblr_nnlde9WEUu1uslk1co1_500 with someone else from time to time.
Prue Stent_151113_in a onesie_wDan O'Day_151125_what's he doing?_wJessica Tremp_why is someone sleeping on our couch-14_w
Just recently we started inviting visual artists, photographers and curious people to come an explore our spaces to capture their observations and photograph existence and space through their eyes. The result is a series of granular, textured and personal photo essays that help us see through the eyes of others.Author_Unknown_tumblr_mc7jquas4c1qzyxjro1_1280
Jesse Marlow_weekend Corona bliss_FullSizeRender_wGrown and Gathered_Munchies in HH bed_IMG_5448_wJessica Tremp_egg book_forget about it_wGrown and Gathered_taking it easy at HH_IMG_5411_w2
Project Name Photographic studies
Project Type Installation and photography
Project Team Various visual artists, photographers and other curios peoples
Scope Up to four people per month resulting in a series of photo essays
Status Ongoing