Design collaborations

Hotel Hotel (2012 – Present)

Scottie Cameron_Nishi Crammed Life10187_wWe see the process of design in a non-linear way. More like a soup of evolutionary biology than an industrial factory floor. It is a slow, iterative and layered process about people and their connections with themselves, objects, activities, and the landscape they live in. As such we embrace a messy, collaborative and cross-disciplinary design approach.

Lee Grant_HH furniture in Don's space at Ken's warehouse in _wWhen making Hotel Hotel we worked closely Lee Grant_Amos firing up to make HH pendant lights 02_wLee Grant_Mr Charles Wilson by Broached Commissions for HH_DSC9071_wLee Grant_The Incredible Berczys_Workshop_01_w alongside designer-makers, artists, architects, thinkers and curators to choreograph and implement its quirks, Scottie Cameron_Nishi Messy Life_Charles Wilsons arms_10487_wScottie Cameron_Finally a Nishi Still Life_9788 thoughts and designs.

When certain things didn’t exist, or we weren’t quite happy with what did exist, we designed and fabricated themScottie Cameron_Please don't make me wear this_HH rug_9906_wScottie Cameron_Hotel Hotel Still Tables9726Scottie Cameron_Colourless Adam Goodrum 10050_wScottie Cameron_A Enders Moje A Goodrum G Havakes_a Mixed life10440_was part of our collaborations.

Author_Unknown web_Marion Mahony Griffin drawing_wHotel Hotel’s public collection of functional art was designed with Broached CommissionScottie Cameron_Botanicals Still Life Extreme10106_wScottie Cameron_Don Cameron plays stacked Still Life9949_w and tells a story of Canberra’s original design and designers – Walter Burley GriffinAuthor_Unknown_Web_Griffins at Castle Crag Sydney_4107186-1x1-340x340_w2 and Marion Mahoney Griffin.Author_Unknown_Marion Mahony Griffin_circa 1935_Sepia tone photograph._w

The Hotel Hotel staff wardrobe, designed wRoss Honeysett_HH Room_please-crop_with Kloke, challenges the traditional conventions of what a hotel uniform can be. The multi-form wardrobe can be worn in different ways according to the individual’s character.

Scottie Cameron_Still Still Life and other things10649_wMany of Hotel Hotel’s in room side tables, chairs, lights and tissue boxes were designed with Don Cameron. These were conceived for their texture and patina; and the shadows they cast.

Lee Grant_Adam Goodrum Concrete Benches by Broached Commissions for HH_03_wScottie Cameron_Hat Lasts as Still Life10543Lee Grant_Greybox Design for Hotel Hotel02_wOur many collaborators and commissions can be explored on Hotel Hotel.

Project Name HH furniture design collaborations
Project Type Design commissions
Project Team Molonglo Group, Don Cameron, Broached Commissions, Kloke and various makers
Scope Communal table set, reception mirror, bronze couches, concrete benches, Griffin chairs, fluffy chair, glass pendant lights, bedside lights, hall lights, key bowls, bathroom bins, survival kits, bathrobes, ceramic ware, staff wardrobe, vases, bags, tissue boxes and more
Status Ongoing