Nishi Hexapla book

Print Digital Exhibition, Everywhere (Publishing 2016)

The Nishi1‘Nishi’ means ‘west’ in Japanese.It also relates to the last of three buildings built at the NewActon precinct: Nishi CommercialNishi Residential and Nishi Hotel Cinema Retail. Hexapla book - this is the LeeGrant_Nishi_Construction_98_wRashomon of design books. No one perspective on what brings painfully complex buildings to completion is the right one. The predictable narrative of the developer benefactor enabling the genius designer is clearly misplaced here, and indeed in most instances. WeLee-Grant_Machine Part MG_7473_w know that innovation is not born from one mind, it emerges only through collective effort. Nishi Hexapla is an investigation into the parallel, divergent and complimentary skill sets, LeeGrant_Don Cameron's Warehouse_IMG_4764 minds and manias that came together to realise Nishi. This is the portrayal of a building, Author_Unknown web-sketch its conception, construction and current life seen from the perspectives of its core and a selection of periphery creators: Lee-Grant-More-Nishi-Docs-11_w a set of parallel narratives that remain largely opaque to each other. Where most design books show a singular vision Nishi Hexapla exposes how this fundamental human enterprise - Author_Anon-Wishy-NishiNectar Efkarpidis_PB081979_w the construction of shelter - exemplifies the frailty of communication and how thin the layer of empathy is when fatigue or financial uncertainty sets in. Author_Unknown www_Apple map glitch_18qeikkc0766rjpg_wThis is not a monograph of great design; it is an exploration of the complex human relationships that define what populates our urban environment. Some relationships on a building site last for the five years it takes to make a building like Nishi, others last only a week. All ultimately Lee Grant_Nick Glasson's high precision Schaublin 53 manual_DSC4837 determine the quality of a building. How do you maintain a culture ofLee-Grant_I need sexi please_Mexico_w excellence across a building site that has LeeGrant_Labourers_03_Benny-Chops_wLee Grant_Labourers_01_w 500 workers teeming through its many corridors, balconies and rooms? How does a company grow a creative2Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed, such as an idea, a scientific theory, an invention, a literary work, a painting, a musical composition, a system, a joke, etc. It is the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile, It can come in many forms and can be applied to all areas of life and work. business whilst engaged in this fundamental exercise in risk minimisation? In the end a building site is hierarchical. Nishi had Lee-Grant_Nishi-Docs-01_w multiple design teams working at once, often on the same solution. The developer chose which idea won the day. Nishi Hexapla shows these various design narratives in Lee Grant_Nishi resi from atrium_04_w parallel. It is a book of multiple versions of the truth, which reveals that all versions are valid and none have an overarching claim to the reality. The purpose of Nishi Hexapla is to show how even the most Lee Grant_Atrium_03_wgenerous and empathetic of property developments is riddled with the same problem that effect friendships or marriage. We get glimpses of people, but we do not always know their Lee Grant_Nishi_Construction_35_w nature until huge amounts of pressure is applied. Lee Grant_machine-6_wNishi Hexapla breaks down tired formula of design books that focus on the singular vision of the genius designers and the generous benefactor. We are instigating an enquiry, across many fronts, to achieve what management consultants like to call ‘radical transparency’ - it shows both the brilliance and the frailty of the process that created the building.
Project Name Nishi Hexapla Book
Project Type Multiple writing and photo-essay narratives
Project Team Molonglo Group, Lou Weis, John Warwicker, Lee Grant, Dan Honey, Hotel Hotel
Scope A book of multiple versions of the truth [about a building], which reveals that all versions are valid and none have an overarching claim to the reality
Status In production