Goodspeed Bicycle Co.

Canberra, Australia (2012 - 2017)

In Italian towns, people get around on bikes made by local bicycle companies. There’s a sense of ownership and pride in this tradition as well as a commitment to quality and charm. Myles Chandler_@goodspeedbicycleco_20151215-Screenshot-2_wGoodspeed Bicycle Co. was a joint venture with friends and business partners that creates Myles Chandler_@goodspeedbicycleco_20151215-Screenshot-8_wiconic Canberra bikes. Goodspeed uses Myles Chandler_@goodspeedbicycleco_20151215-Screenshot-10_w local talent, design, prototype and production work. This includes all welding, painting, finishing and Myles Chandler_@goodspeedbicycleco_20151215-Screenshot-3_wMyles Chandler_@goodspeedbicycleco_20151215-Screenshot-4_w final assembly. In 2015 Goodspeed Bicycle Co. opened its first bricks and mortar store, for which there are no Myles Chandler_@goodspeedbicycleco_20151215-Screenshot-9_wbricks and mortar. A hand crafted, carefully re-made shipping container has been created to house the shop Lee Grant_Mylo painting the Goodspeed container shop_DSC5349_w and is sited near the Nishi1‘Nishi’ means ‘west’ in Japanese.It also relates to the last of three buildings built at the NewActon precinct: Nishi CommercialNishi Residential and Nishi Hotel Cinema Retail. Gallery in the John Avery Gardens in the NewActon2NewActon is a precinct on the edge of Canberra’s city centre that Molonglo Group is progressively restoring. It is built on the heritage grounds of Acton House, a late 1920s temporary housing facility for newly arrived employees of the capital. NewActon does at a precinct scale what the Burley Griffins attempted to achieve for the city: vegetable gardens deliver produce to the precinct restaurants; nature and architecture collide; and the architectural envelope folds into flora and art. The high-rise apartments (high but not too high) also feed into this ground level generously. precinct.
Project Name Goodspeed Bicycle Co.
Project Type Manufacturing and retail business
Design Team Myles Chandler and Dave Alcorn
Size 15 m2 (shop)
Status Completed 2015 (shop)