Hotel Hotel (2015 – Present)

Lee Grant_Suzi_McKinnon_01_wEccentrics is a photographic project, an ongoing and long-term chronicling of the people who inhabit Lee_Grant_ROHO-Shoot-31_Nikos the pig_wand use the spaces Lee Grant_Eccentrics-Matt+Lentil-07_wLee Grant_Andy-Marks+Family-11_WLee Grant_Eccentrics-Vic-McEwan-01_wLee Grant_Paul Marcus Fuog_the strong man_wLee Grant_The-Shabbab-38_w at Hotel Hotel and NewActon1NewActon is a precinct on the edge of Canberra’s city centre that Molonglo Group is progressively restoring. It is built on the heritage grounds of Acton House, a late 1920s temporary housing facility for newly arrived employees of the capital. NewActon does at a precinct scale what the Burley Griffins attempted to achieve for the city: vegetable gardens deliver produce to the precinct restaurants; nature and architecture collide; and the architectural envelope folds into flora and art. The high-rise apartments (high but not too high) also feed into this ground level generously. . The project is about capturing the essence of Canberra’s creative2Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed, such as an idea, a scientific theory, an invention, a literary work, a painting, a musical composition, a system, a joke, etc. It is the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile, It can come in many forms and can be applied to all areas of life and work. life (as well as its visitors) and to share and explore the sociology, architecture and Author_Unknown www_escola_bauhaus_1920s_wAuthor_Unknown_Minya Diez-Dührkoop, Dance costumes for “Technik” (1924)_MKG Collection_w new histories of a city in the process of redefining its cultural identity.Lee Grant_The-Shabbab-13_w Eccentrics is less a catalogue and more a feast of friends; people who represent the cultural and social life of Hotel Hotel.
Project Name Eccentrics
Project Type Portrait photography
Purpose A small study of Australian life which documents the people and characters that pass through Hotel Hotel
Size Continually growing
Status Ongoing