Creative Endeavours

Canberra, Australia (Launching 2016)

Author_Unknown web_1958_Ballet_Symphonie_-_Jean-Paul_Andreani_et_Josette_Amiel_sur_la_scene_de_l'Opera_de_ParisThe barista might be an amazing photo TJ Phillipson_floppy facegrapher, the concierge a contemporary dancer. The front office manager might be an expert in resin animal statueslee grant_insects_mg collection. Creative1Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed, such as an idea, a scientific theory, an invention, a literary work, a painting, a musical composition, a system, a joke, etc. It is the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile, It can come in many forms and can be applied to all areas of life and work. Endeavours is the name for a program of play, exploration, discovery and expression for Molonglo Group, Hotel Hotel and Monster kitchen and bar2Monster kitchen and bar is the physical and metaphorical seed of Hotel Hotel. It’s the public life of the building and the living room of the hotel’s guests.  staff. Author_Unknown web_Salvador-Dali_drawing a dickhead by PicassoThe program creates opportunities to nurture the creative interests of all staff. By breaking out of everyday routines and creating the conditions that allow our staff to play and explore new ideas and interests we hope to cultivate an exciting, inspirational and collaborative working environment. The program comprises of a series of demand-based classes where staff can connect with others, expand their horizons, be inspired and learn new things. Throughout  TJ Phillipson_heaphones facethe year TJ Phillipson_Alpacas chomping_thumbnailstaff are invited to propose their own creative endeavours for in and around NewActon3NewActon is a precinct on the edge of Canberra’s city centre that Molonglo Group is progressively restoring. It is built on the heritage grounds of Acton House, a late 1920s temporary housing facility for newly arrived employees of the capital. NewActon does at a precinct scale what the Burley Griffins attempted to achieve for the city: vegetable gardens deliver produce to the precinct restaurants; nature and architecture collide; and the architectural envelope folds into flora and art. The high-rise apartments (high but not too high) also feed into this ground level generously. . These might be new and improved ways of doing existing things or new ideas entirely. Molonglo Group facilitates the development of these propositions to reality through paired mentorship, paid professional development opportunities and a variety of other supports. Author_Unknown web_woman-rivets-airplane-wing Author_Unknown web_1942: Women working on a bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, Calif. picture-95255511195Beyond helping people get their interests off the ground, we see this process as an opportunity to be enriched by the creative minds that surround us. The program is currently in development and will launch in 2016.
Project Name Creative Endeavours
Project Type A program of play, exploration, discovery and expression for staff
Purpose To investigate and nurture the creative interests of all staff and provide new opportunities for personal expression and professional development
Scope A series of demand-based classes and a platform that facilitates the development and implementation of new creative endeavours by staff
Status In development