Molonglo Group

Molonglo Group is a property developer that actively plans, designs, delivers and curates its projects. (read more..)

Since 1964 these projects have included architecture and urban design, hotels, hospitality, furniture and product design, publishing, exhibitions, public programs, supermarkets, organic foods and technology businesses. Evidently, we see the boundaries of property development, as well as who we are and how we work with each other, as fuzzy.
Molonglo’s process is often collaborative and cross-disciplinary, which allows for enormous fluidity, flexibility and disjunction in creative making. Ideologically, this process reflects our belief that to foster healthy, cohesive and tolerant societies, we need to accept messy arrangements – whether they be political, social or aesthetic.
Molonglo has offices and active projects in Canberra, Melbourne, London and Athens.



August 18 to
September 30

Dairy Road is a neighbourhood slowly developing in Canberra.

Great neighbourhoods are diverse, layered and meaningful members of their city. It’s hoped that over the next 10 to 15 years, Dairy Road will become just that through a combination of retail, light industrial, commercial, residential, creative and cultural spaces. The very beginnings of this transformation are already underway.

Right now, Molonglo are welcoming one and all to participate in an exhibition, series of events and survey to help determine the future of this place.