Salon Gatherings


Hotel Hotel’s Monster Salon and Dining rooms are a reinterpretation of the suburban family rooms of immigrants in Australia post WWII. It’s a domestic place. At once a parlour for receiving guests, for talking art and politics, a living room for lolling around by the fire with friends, a place for listening to music, and a room for sharing meals. At times, we gather old and new friends here to exchange ideas and we host conversations, poetry readings and performances. Fittingly, we often share stories about immigration, about how immigration increases the textures and layers of a place’s cultural fabric. These are important stories. Especially in a time when the number of people displaced by conflict is at its highest since the aftermath of WWII.

Same Same Different, Salon Gatherings, 2017

Collaborators: Enrico Taglietti, Gianmatteo Romegialli

 Same Same Different’ was a conversation between two friends – Enrico Taglietti and Gianmatteo Romegialli. Enrico Taglietti andGianmatteo Romegialli are both Italian-born architects who studied at Politecnico in Milan. In 1955, Enrico left Italy for Australia and has been practising in Canberra ever since – a city at that time with an architectural legacy of less than 50 years. Gianmatteo has continued working in Milan – a city with two thousand year old architectural history. This was a conversation about the similarities and differences of being an Italian-born and trained architect working in Australia and an Italian-born and trained architect working in Italy.

It was a conversation about freedom and constraints, architectural history, heritage and inheritance, breaking orthodoxies, structure, landscape, context and culture, and the beauty and poetry of the built space. Enrico and Gianmatteo shared three projects comparing each to explore the influence of context.

Now in his 90s, the great Enrico Taglietti has become Canberra’s most enduring modernist architectural voice. He has built almost 30 public and private projects in and around Canberra and has had a profound influence on the way people in this city live and think about architecture.

Same Same Different Zine, Salon Gatherings, 2017

Collaborators: Enrico Taglietti, Gianmatteo Romegialli, U-P

same-same-different-cover2.jpgA publication for the talk Same Same Different. For this talk, Enrico Taglietti Gianmatteo Romegialliare shared three projects comparing each to explore the influence of context


From Introduction

Enrico Taglietti and Gianmatteo Romegialliare both Italian born and trained architects. Enrico was born in Milan in 1926 and studied at Politecnico di Milano in the 50s. Gianmatteo was born in Milan in 1961 and studied at Politecnico di Milano in the 80s.Enrico established his architectural practice in Canberra in 1956. Almost forty years later, the pair met during Gianmatteo’s first visit to Australia in 1995. A year later Gianmatteo established his architectural practice, Act_Romegialli in Italy. Enrico and Gianmatteo’s mutual passion for and disparate approaches to architecture have fuelled their conversations for the past twenty years. As Gianmatteo says, “there is no single answer to the problem and the exchange of opinions and passionate ideas can help you get a better view of possible paths to take… These discussions with Enrico about architecture (and life) are one of the most beautiful things that have happened to me in life and I want to continue to fight and argue with him.”

Strings in the Salon: Summer, Salon Gatherings, 2017

Collaborators: Barbara Jane Gilby, Canberra Symphony Orchestra

15-03-14_MonsterSalonDiningRooms_Ross_Honeysett_72R4211-copyA-e1481689902787.jpgThe Canberra Symphony Orchestra brought in their string quartet to play us some beautiful music in the Monster Salon and Dining rooms. Led by Barbara Jane Gilby the quad performed contemporary classical Australian compositions.