Monster cookbook

Print Digital Program, Everywhere (Launching 2017)

Author_Unknown web_19698---Fire-Monsters-Against-the-Son-of-Hercules_wWe’re interested in food1 as the great leveller of people. No matter how rich or poor, or which culture you come from, we all have to eat.

Lee Grant_ Claire and Boxgum pigs_DSC0398_wLee Grant_Eccentrics-Dan-O'Day-01_wLee Grant_Dennis Smith's-Farm-Eggs-02_w

Monster cookbook sets out to rethink food media. It will ask better questions and explore responses to ideas around food consumption, kitchens, ingredients, people, spaces and beliefs. Along with the sparkly photos and recipes it will examine food and the environment, people who play with their food and food related culture.

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Digital and (at times) not digital, the book is currently in development phase. It will be produced and published by Hotel Hotel and Monster kitchen and bar Lee Grant_Cured Duck-150407-MKB-Autumn-Menu-4_win Lee Grant_Monster-Staff-Tracey-Preston-1_w2017.

Project NameMonster cookbook
Project TypeDigital and print
Project TeamHotel Hotel, Stephie Donse, UP, Sean McConnell
ScopeEssays, recipes, visual narratives in multiple formats
StatusIn production

Our interest in food manifests theoretically and practically. As well as working with producers we’ve become producers ourselves: the NewActon garden supplies A. Baker fresh produce and we collect honey from our East Lake Foreshore for Monster kitchen and bar.