Močan & Green Grout

Canberra, Australia (2011 - Present)

Lee Grant_Mocan063_w
In 2011 we conceived and built Močan & Green Grout with partners and friends Dave Alcorn_@mocanandgg _twin-terrors-20151214-Screenshot-33_w on the southeast end of the NewActon1NewActon is a precinct on the edge of Canberra’s city centre that Molonglo Group is progressively restoring. It is built on the heritage grounds of Acton House, a late 1920s temporary housing facility for newly arrived employees of the capital. NewActon does at a precinct scale what the Burley Griffins attempted to achieve for the city: vegetable gardens deliver produce to the precinct restaurants; nature and architecture collide; and the architectural envelope folds into flora and art. The high-rise apartments (high but not too high) also feed into this ground level generously. South building at NewActon. We wanted it to have the Lee Grant_Mocan018_wLee Grant_Mocan012_wLee Grant__DSC2936_w warmth and familiarity of domestic settings, where kitchen and dining become one. This tiny restaurant unleashed the cultural language and experience, which ended up guiding Hotel Hotel.
Lee Grant_The Mocan Bros - Dave + Myles_Mocan019_wDave Alcorn_@mocanandgg _20151214-Screenshot-27000_wDave Alcorn_@mocanandgg _Big fish = big knife = big chef_20151214-Screenshot-280000_w
It has been a favourite drop-in place for Canberrans and visitors from day one. Močan & Green Grout places cooking and food2Our interest in food manifests theoretically and practically. As well as working with producers we’ve become producers ourselves: the NewActon garden supplies A. Baker fresh produce and we collect honey from our East Lake Foreshore for Monster kitchen and bar. preparation Dave Alcorn_@mocanandgg _20151214-Screenshot-2000_w in the centre, with benches for chefs Dave Alcorn_@mocanandgg _20151214-Screenshot-27_w set amongst their Dave Alcorn_@mocanandgg _20151214-Screenshot-28_w guests. The café serves fair-trade coffee, produce sourced from local farmers, and herbs grown in the Lee Grant_Fairy ring_Mocan069_w planters at the front door.
Project Name Močan & Green Grout
Project Type Hospitality business
Design Team Molonglo Group, Dave Alcorn, Myles Chandler, Erin Hinton
Size 62 seats
Status Completed 2013