HH + Friends

International In development (2015 - present)

While making Hotel Hotel we met lots of people making and thinking good things. Over time they became friends. We keep making new friends so we started a program where we exhibit the work of people we admire.

Lee Grant_Ken_Neale_FAM-19-Objects-Talk-04_wLee Grant_Don-Cameron-09_wAuthor_Unknown_galah_20070222_0141_wLee Grant_david_aarons_romantic blacksmith_w

HH + Friends is a program of exhibitions, seeded by our work on Hotel Hotel and its programs. Some exhibitions are by friends, some by us alone of our friends’ works, and others done in collaboration. The exhibitions celebrate self-taught, emerging (sometimes misunderstood) artists and artisans, our curiosities and general flânerie.

Lee Grant_Adam Kloke_IMG_2815_wLou Weis_@louweis_lou_2Lee Grant_CHARLES-WILSON_wLee Grant_xavier-connelly_wWill Neil_james_mccready_wLee Grant_the terrible 3_DSC6605-copy_w
Project NameHH + Friends
Project TypeCultural and artistic partnership
PurposeTo support, promote and contribute to the emerging, curious and misunderstood artistic development
Size2-3 exhibitions per year