Daily Rituals

National (2015 - present)

Author_Unknown web_stones and stones will break your bonesAnthropologically speaking, rituals connect us to a culture, a sub-culture, maybe even a cult.Lee Grant_James-McCready-on fire!! 18 For example, a ritualistic prayer before bed makes you ‘religious’. We have always been curious observers of the strange and repetitive routines we all commit to outside of public life. What sub-group do people who sing in the shower belong to? Or people who always exercise in the morning?150511-Daily-Rituals-Barton-Bros-Long-Walks-Lee-Grant-2_w
This fascination with human behaviourLee Grant_HH-Daily-Rituals-11 is the catalyst for a creative project and ongoing study of all the weird and wonderful rituals1 people do everyday.Lee Grant_HH-Daily-Rituals-15 The project began as a series of short films that re-enact the rituals2 of intriguing individuals in the rooms of Hotel Hotel. These shortsHH-Daily-Rituals-15HH-Daily-Rituals-15 played before all films at all international film festivals throughout the country at Palace Cinema.3

Author_Unknown web_8CD9615F-47A2-4879-B93A-9CF9118CFE4CLothar Wolleh_from the www_Gerhard_RichterThe project includes the cataloguing of the rituals of others, studying objects that are connected to rituals, writing essays about contemporary rituals and inventing a few of our own rituals, to enhance the enjoyment of modern life, for practice by others.

While sleepingLee Grant_Daily Planking Rituals with Raphael Fitzpatrick_2015-09-23-17.28.10 over at Hotel Hotel we commissioned our creative friends to document their own rituals.4 Hotel Hotel guests can also observe and take part in the rituals of others. Occasionally and rather spontaneously we’ve invited others to perform their rituals in the public spaces and surrounds of Hotel Hotel. The public performances have included long walks, readings in bed, sunsetSam Townsend_the ritual of limbering up_Daily Rituals appreciations and limbering up rituals.Lee Grant_Emily doing a bedtime reading_Daily-Rituals-27 The project is predominately playing out on the Hotel Hotel blog and via social media.

Project NameDaily Rituals
Project TypeCreative project and programming
PurposeTo remain curious and observant of human behaviours
Scope5 X short films, photography commissions, live events, research and writings

A ritual is a sequence of actions conducted routinely that move us from one state to another. Unlike habits, rituals carry emotional meaning. Rituals can be practical and logical, preparing us for what comes next, like drinking a coffee or reading in bed, or completely irrational – like composer Tchaikovsky who would walk for exactly two hours every day believing if he returned even one minute early he would be faced with a great calamity.

Benjamin Franklin took a daily ‘air bath’ (a ritual of sitting in the nude in the breeze for a while. Nice). Novelist Emily Bronte walked around in circles until she fell asleep. Le Corbusier did 45 minutes of calisthenics at 5.45am each morning.

A family business with 85 screens and 20 locations in Australia loyal to independent and art house film and monthly international film festivals including large French, Spanish and Italian festivals and smaller Greek and Israeli programs. Palace Electric Cinema are also friends and tenants in our Nishi Hotel Cinema Retail building in Canberra.

Artist Prue Stent plays daily with pink clay, and photographers Bec Parson and Bart Celestino play music together every evening.