Daily Rituals


Anthropologically speaking, rituals connect us to a culture, a sub-culture, maybe even a cult. We have always been curious observers of the repetitive and sometimes strange routines people practise in private. This fascination with human behaviour is the catalyst for a creative project and ongoing study of all the weird and wonderful rituals people do every day. For the project we have created a series of short films directed by U-P and Alyssa McClelland that re-enact the bizarre rituals of others inside the rooms of Hotel Hotel. We’ve also written articles, catalogued everyday rituals across cultures, studied tools and implements connected to rituals and have invited photographers to document their own rituals. We also run a series of live daily rituals events where people can come along and watch invited guests perform their own daily rituals in the public and private spaces in and around Hotel Hotel.

Le Corbusier's Daily Ritual of Calisthenics, Daily Rituals, 2015

Collaborators: Liam Gilmour, U-P

Each and every morning Le Corbusier was up at 5.45am for his 45 minutes of calisthenics ritual.

Emily Bronte's Insomnia Ritual, Daily Rituals, 2015

Collaborators: Liam Gilmour, U-P

Novelist Emily Bronte suffered from insomnia. She held an evening ritual of walking around in circles until she fell asleep.

Benjamin Franklin's Daily Air Bath Ritual, Daily Rituals, 2015

Collaborators: Liam Gilmour, U-P

To foster good health Benjamin Franklin took a daily ‘air bath’. What is an ‘air bath’? It’s where you open up all your windows, get nude and sit in the breeze for a while. How nice.

Franz Kafka’s Ritualistic Procrastination, Daily Rituals, 2015

Collaborators: Liam Gilmour, U-P

Franz Kafka’s days were filled with ritualistic procrastination that included a four-hour nap, a long walk and 10 minutes of vigorous exercise at the same time each day.

T S Eliot's Daily Face Painting Ritual, Daily Rituals, 2015

Collaborators: Liam Gilmour, U-P

TS Eliot had a thing for face paint. Daily, he would dust his face with green powder and paint his lips red.

The Ritual of Limbering Up With Mike Whitney, Daily Rituals, 2015

Collaborators: Mike Whitney

Screenshot-2015-08-20-17.20.46.pngAussie cricket wild-man and television raconteur Mike Whitney came to play with us. Twelve tests, 38 one-day matches in the ‘80s golden age of cricket. Border, Boon, Waugh, Whitney. Anyway… What a guy. Does this man age? No, he doesn’t. Why? He takes care of himself. Clearly.


The secret of Mike Whitney’s successful cricketing career is that he can bend from the hips. We learnt this vital sporting fact the day Mike came to stay. He led the Ritual of Limbering Up in the Monster Salon and Dining rooms. Mike is a very bendy guy – he’s been stretching each day for the past 30 years.

The Ritual of Long Walks with Barrie Barton, Daily Rituals, 2015

Collaborators: Barrie Barton

DR-Bartons-long-walk_DSC1722-copy1.jpgOn Saturday 9 May, Barrie Barton, Director of Right Angle Studio led a long walk and rambling talk through the gardens, trails and architecture of the Australian National University. Taking a journey through his old stomping ground, Barrie talked mortality and the movement of time (big ones!) dreams and truths, how to survive in Canberra and why birthdays are good for you. We crossed the big road outside Hotel Hotel and wandered… Through the Shine Dome, the National Film and Sound Archive and the Australian National University. Canberra, even on a cold and wintery day, knows how to put on a show. Oh, the fish we saw…