Book on mess

Print and Digital, Everywhere (Publishing 2017)

Lee Grant_Dylan-Martorell-08_wLee Grant_Dylan-Martorell-13_wA relationship without a bit of mess is sterile; with too much it’s chaotic and exhausting. In medicine a little bit of poison injected into the blood is called a vaccination. The Greek Tragedy, The Bacchae showed that a life of pure rationality angers the gods - that we must also pay homage to the spirit of intoxication. Losing oneself to chaos is an essential part of knowing oneself.

Nectar Efkarpidis_New_Messy_wScottie Cameron_Nishi-Still-Life10803_wTom Waits says, ‘I like my towns with a little drop of poison…’ We know that the best parts of cities are the messy parts, where the conflicting desires of people with vastly different interests collide and somehow co-inhabit. But how much mess is the right amount and how do you add it to a new part of a city in a meaningful way?

Lee Grant_Rob_Gordon_Clay slip bin_03_wLee Grant_Edwin_Odermatt_Foam offcuts_06_wCurrently in development is a publishing Nectar Efkarpidis_Ken Neale warehouse_thumb 6844project on the importance of messiness and the mess-maker as a way to foster healthy, cohesive and tolerant places and societies.

Project Name Book on mess
Project Type Anthology of essays: prose, photographic and other
Project Team Molonglo Group, Hotel Hotel, Lou Weis, UP
Scope A book about messiness: from our biology to our urban environment. We need it to live, but how much is enough?
Status In dialogue with a small group of international authors and artists to deliver essays to the book