Ad hoc events

Canberra, Australia (2012 - Present)

Lee Grant_Unicorns at Bluegum-29_wAuthor Unknown_web_august-1946_landshoff_bicycler_wA Eurovision spoof of DancinKatherine Griffiths_International Students_monster_lightafterdarkg Queen in the Nishi Gallery, classical musicians lead by an electronic music producer in the Monster kitchen and bar, Katherine Griffiths_monster_lightafterdark_29 Katherine Griffiths_Monster_LightAfterDark__w2 Katherine Griffiths_Monster_LightAfterDark_117_w2 DJ sets because we feel like it, A. Baker courtyard downtempo music gigs when its warmerLee Grant_Ladies lunch_ROHO-Shoot-45_w and the sun glows hazy beyond. These are just some of our spontaneous and one-off events, most aptly captured by the term ‘ad hoc.’

Project NameAd hoc events
Project TypeVarious
PurposeNon-regular casual entertainment
Size1 to 20 performers; 100 to 1,000 attendees