Ad hoc events

Canberra, Australia (2012 - Present)

Lee Grant_Unicorns at Bluegum-29_wAuthor Unknown_web_august-1946_landshoff_bicycler_wA Eurovision spoof of DancinKatherine Griffiths_International Students_monster_lightafterdarkg Queen in the Nishi1‘Nishi’ means ‘west’ in Japanese.It also relates to the last of three buildings built at the NewActon precinct: Nishi CommercialNishi Residential and Nishi Hotel Cinema Retail. Gallery, classical musicians lead by an electronic music producer in the Monster kitchen and bar2Monster kitchen and bar is the physical and metaphorical seed of Hotel Hotel. It’s the public life of the building and the living room of the hotel’s guests. , Katherine Griffiths_monster_lightafterdark_29 Katherine Griffiths_Monster_LightAfterDark__w2 Katherine Griffiths_Monster_LightAfterDark_117_w2 DJ sets because we feel like it, A. Baker courtyard downtempo music gigs when its warmerLee Grant_Ladies lunch_ROHO-Shoot-45_w and the sun glows hazy beyond. These are just some of our spontaneous and one-off events, most aptly captured by the term ‘ad hoc.’

Project Name Ad hoc events
Project Type Various
Purpose Non-regular casual entertainment
Size 1 to 20 performers; 100 to 1,000 attendees
Status Ongoing